by Home Clean Team - May 14, 2020

A survey done by Harvey Water Softeners revealed that around 31% of brits spend 10 hours each week cleaning there home and one in ten clean for up to 15 hours each week. With the exception of people who enjoy doing household chores, most people would rather spend that time doing something they actually enjoy. With these quick and easy cleaning hacks you can get back them valuable minutes. Are you ready these hacks to help you  clean you home in less time?

Using a Squeegee to Pick Up Carpet Dirt

As you know getting hairs and grime out of your carpet is not an easy task. We’ll all you need to do is go to your local pound shop and pick up a squeegee often used to get water of your windows.

All you need to do is drag it across the carpet and watch the magic happen! You will be suppressed the difference in using both a hoover and a squeegee for this task.

Use lemons and Limes For Your Bins

Your bins get used daily, old food and liquids don’t give of the nicest of smells. This is why it is important to keep your bins smelling fresh.

Cut your lemon or lime into 4 quarters, squeeze them into a small cup of warm water and drop into your bin. Do this every couple of days to keep away the flies and maggots.

Use Shaving Cream To Get Rid Of Grime

The bathroom is usually a hotspot for grime. The moisture from the hot water build up on the toilet, sink and tiles.

One quick way to tackle this is to use shaving cream. Use a cream,  not a gel and spray on the grime. The cream destroys the particles in the grime leaving you with a odor and sparkling clean bathroom.